Today, succesor countries of former Yugoslavia live their own lives, however with everyday interactions; stand-up comedy being one of those! The reason to it is simple – the language. No matter it is now got different names (Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian etc.) in spoken terms – it’s basicaly the same one. Naturally, we perform in our language(s), but guess what: we also perform – in English! Our comedians made appearances throughout Europe and rest of the world, being parts of the international events and competitions, or even television projects.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, as we are very open for going places. Also, do not bother figuring out our local name ‘Komedija s nogu’, as it is by far the clumsiest possible translation of the English term ‘stand-up comedy’!

RENT-A-KOMIČAR  || +385 91 799 0848   


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